Sunday, May 10, 2015


Manuscript Title: MIKEY GOES TO MAINE

Category/ Genre:  MG / Humor

Word Count: 32,000

 35-word Pitch:

When Mikey's parents stick him with relatives so they can go have fun, his impetuous behavior causes problems. His disastrous schemes to set things right transform the lives of the strangers he's grown to love.
If your MC was an Easter Egg, what flavor would s/he be?:

I’d be sandy cheese flavor, because that’s what the stuff between my toes tastes like.

Excerpt (first 300 words):

Hitting what you want with a rock gives you the best feeling in the world. After you throw it, your mind steers the rock right to where you wanted it to go, as if you had super powers. It feels so good that you want to do it over and over again, and it feels so easy that you think you can.

Just because you can do something, though, it doesn't mean you should do it. If you pick the wrong target, throwing a rock can also give you the worst feeling in the world. You won't just break a window--you'll break and ruin everything else, too, including your own heart.  I learned that the hard way.  That means I actually did it.

Don’t worry though, because I'm really good at inventing plans to solve problems. It's my specialty. I'm so smart that I can even invent more plans when my first plans go wrong. That happens a lot.

My name is Mikey and this is my story. It's filled with smooth rocks, slimy worms, and sticky mud, and is crawling with hairy spiders, smelly pigs, boys acting like pigs, and girls with pigtails. If you don't like these things, maybe you should go read a book about nice clean fairies, but then you'll miss out on all the fun.

Chapter 2  

"Welcome, welcome, welcome!" Aunt Millie literally sang as she swung open the squeaky screen door. She looked as happy to see me as I was mad to be there. Her friendly, sparkly blue eyes didn't help. Nothing could.

"Hello, Millie," Dad said as he popped out of the car. "Good to see you, and thanks for letting Mikey stay. He's really looking forward to it."  Mr. Not Telling the Truth opened the trunk and grabbed my bag.

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