Thursday, April 17, 2014

NestPitch BP8: Circle of Fur

Category/Genre: Adult Women's Fiction

Word Count: 77,000

Pitch: In each chapter a fur coat passes from hand to hand. Funny, sentimental, sometimes dark, each one contains a stand-alone story connected to the previous one, until the fur coat returns to its original owner. 

If the MC were an Easter Egg, what flavor would they be and why?

I am Molly Henderson, widow of Bill. If I were an Easter Egg, which is a daft idea if ever I heard one, I would be delivered in a plain box.

Excerpt: (300 words)

Going to the school dance had been a terrible idea, but Betty Herbert’s mother had insisted.

“You can’t miss your final year Prom,” she’d said, horrified. “It’s a memory you’ll always treasure.” 

Betty wondered which parallel universe her mother inhabited. It must have been one where her teenage daughter was popular and clever, the centre of a happy crowd of girlfriends who discussed clothes and make-up and boys. A daughter who’d recall her own schooldays as riotous fun, as her mother seemed to.

Mrs Herbert herself had a thick album of memories: concert programmes, restaurant menus and photographs all carefully stuck in a scrap book and she fully expected her daughter to have the same one day, if she’d only make the effort to smile a bit more. 

The thought of going to a dance, any dance, gave Betty a sick feeling of pure fear. Fat girls didn’t dance. 

“I don’t want to go, Mum, and anyway I haven’t anything to wear.”

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong. I’ve made you a lovely little frock as a surprise.”

Her heart sank. Her mother was an ardent seamstress and loved making her daughter frocks. These were always totally unsuitable for a gloomy, overweight teenager with greasy hair, fighting a losing battle against bad skin.  Betty would have preferred a tent of inconspicuous beige, one with properties to render her invisible until she became thin as a stick and looked more like Kate Bush.

“Look, it’s hanging up in the spare room. I finished it just last night. Ta-da!”

Mrs Herbert stood aside and let her little surprise speak for itself.
It shouted. Suckered again, Betty!


  1. Laptop Bunny leaves 1 dozen nougat filled chocolate eggs (Q, 25 pp, Syn)

    1. Am enjoying those nougat filled eggs! My favourite! Does Q25 pp Syn, translate into your wanting to read 25 pages and have the full synopsis? I can send you that, just say where and when! Cheers Ginny

    2. Hi, Ginny! You'll be receive an email in a day or two that outlines what you need to send where. Also, keep an eye on the NestPitch blog for updates! Congratulations on your requests!

  2. Choc egg basket

  3. Would love to read more! Intrigued already from this small excerpt. So topical and would appeal to all ages.

  4. What a great premise! I really enjoyed this snippet and would definitely want to read on ;)

  5. Sounds like a fascinating read. Enjoyed the short excerpt and could quite easily get immersed in this book.

  6. I want to know what happens next. Soon!

  7. I want to know what happens next. Soon!