Thursday, April 17, 2014

NestPitch BP5: Demons

Genre/Category: YA Paranormal

Word Count: 93,000

Pitch: Possessing a teenager was always risky. Matt expected the curfews, but didn’t count on developing morals or falling for a disabled atheist. And just wait until the peeps upstairs discover Matt wants to stay human.
If the MC was an Easter Egg, what flavor would they be and why?  
Matt would be a cheese-flavored egg because if weird tea-flavored chocolate exists, so should a flavor based on their dairy sibling. 
Excerpt: (300 words)
I had just broken one of Heaven's most sacred laws—and I didn't even do it on purpose this time.

Reaching into the bucket of glue, I tugged out a very soggy, very sticky library book. Ten thousand pages worth of holy data all completely wiped out. Thanks a lot, Elmer.

I tossed the ruined record aside and broke out my flash cards instead, using my gluey claws to stick them on the walls while I finished assembling my booby traps. They contained handy little snippets like: 'Matt Sherwood does not like green jelly beans', or 'Matt Sherwood always puts his right sock on first', or 'Matt Sherwood will die at 3pm sharp. DO NOT BE LATE.'

That last one was especially important. Possessing a human was like catching a train. You can memorize the schedule, but if you missed your ride, you had to wait until the next one. And I had no intention of spending another century stoking the fires of Hell until the next first-class carriage came along.

The boy was possession gold— I could barely believe my luck when I stumbled across his record in Heaven's library several months back. Matt Sherwood was healthy, had a fairly well-to-do family and best of all, would vacant his body at the ripe age of sixteen. Heck, he even had the same namesake as me! Now if that wasn't a blatant sign from the Universe, I didn't know what was.

Plus, I wanted something fun to do. 'Idle hands are the Devil's tools' after all.

After I had finished prankster-proofing my cave in anticipation of my extended absence (gluing furniture to the ceiling was big these days), I gathered up the book and cards and dumped them in the Lake of Fire in front of my cave. A small mushroom cloud bloomed out of its depths and the damned souls inside scattered like fish.


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